" I created BLOASIS to share my passion andexperience on climbing in Fontainebleau, where I have practiced for more than 20 years (in the 7th degree ).
Havin also lived in Brazil for 15 years, it opened my eyes to the exceptional richness, qualityand interest of this region, which I wish to make discove and appreciate to the visitors, offering an original and quality place to stay" FABIEN BRONÈS

I am 57 years old, with three children already grown up and independent, and my wife is Brazilian.
Trained as a food engineer, I worked in Research and Development in large corporations and consultancies. I specialized in sustainable developmentand especially in eco-design (PhD).
in 2017, I took a turn  and devoted to this crazy project: completely change my activity, and become an "eco-preneur" - create a small business around my passion and convictions by investing all my energy and and personal capital.

MY GOAL with BLOASIS is to live inFontainebleau region a new experience that I have dreamed of for several decades.
But it goes burther than the simple wish of a climber to be close to his playground:
I want to build and share
a new way of life, around my passions for this region, climbing and sustainability.
I want to be close to nature, to promote sustainable solutions for our daily life, in construction, transport, food etc. How can we be more connected with local sourcing, sustainable agriculture and consumption?
I want BLOASIS to become a real hub for a sustainable art of living in the Font region, for climbers from all over the world and other people who share the same dreams

This word came to my mind in my car after a climbing session in the forest, hearing a song from Oasis band. The name combines "BLO" (the correct pronunciation of "Bleau", as local climbers call Fontainebleau) and "OASIS", an image used for the forest since the 19th century, in a poem by Alexis Durand - evoking the sand and rocks of some typical places, such as the Trois Pignons area.
"See these sharp and arid rocks
And these sandy banks, serving as shade for the painting,
From where, like an oasis, springs Fontainebleau"
The forest of Fontainebleau: poem in four songs, Jean Baptiste Alexis Durand, 1836.