BLOASIS invites you to combine outdoor leisure and the preservation of Natural Capital

BLOASIS is above all A NEW AND INNOVATIVE BIOCLIMATIC HOUSE made from bio-sourced materials, to offer great comfort in winter and summer, with the least impact on the environment .

• The construction is in wood frame and advanced insulation in straw-bales and hemp, with triple glazed windows, and wooden cladding

• The house uses renewable energies :solar hot water and wood stove, 100% green electricity by Planète OUI, and a dual-flow CMV

• The equipment aims at an efficient use of water : storage and reuse of rainwater,  economical showers, mixers and flushes

• We reduce and treat our waste with care, with selective sorting and composting

Awarded the VALEUR PARC label by the Parc Naturel Régional du Gatinais Français since 2020 and, an ECO-ACTEUR of the Réserve de Biosphère de Fontainebleau et du Gatinais, we are contributing to LOCAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, in particular  through ECO-TOURISM.

Without forgetting to PRESERVE THE FONTAINEBLEAU FOREST in climbing and all other uses

MOBILITY: on foot, on horseback, by car ... how to get around better?

• 4 Electrically Assisted Bicycles available on site

• semi-rapid charging station for electric vehicles

BLOASIS commitments have been designed with the most demanding certifications in mind, including the EUROPEAN ECOLABEL for tourist accommodation
Bloasis is accessible for disabled people , including people with reduced mobility